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Embryo transfer

In 2012 I started advanced semen and embryo transfer operations at Trunstaberg in Knivsta. During the autumn of 2011 I attended an embryo transfer training in at Keros in Belgium and from spring 2012 I have an approval from the Swedish Board of Agriculture to carry out embryo transfer on horse in Sweden. During 2012-2013 I "trained" on my own and Lövsta's mares and from 2014 I run the business in collaboration with Lövsta seminstation.

With embryo transfer, it is possible to make faster breeding progress by using mares that have performed well in competition and thus demonstrated durability. It is also a method that can suit very promising young mares who are entering a competitive career. The technique can also be used on very valuable breeding mares who, due to injury, have difficulty "carrying" gestation or who have thrown repeatedly at late gestation stage. The technique, however, is not a solution for problemston who have difficulty getting pregnant.

You can read more about the technology on HästSverige's website.


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